Welcome to Saul Greenstein Fine Modern and Antique Jewellery, London.

The founding of Saul Greenstein fine diamond jewellery in 2001, marked the beginning of an exceptional journey, spanning more than 17 years, that continues, stronger than ever today.

Over the last seventeen years, Saul Greenstein has handled antique jewellery pieces of exceptional rarity, and fine quality, and has travelled extensively dealing with some of the world’s most discerning clientele.

His collection is a symmetry between beautiful, one off creations, crafted by some of the most talented jewellers in the world, and timeless antique jewellery pieces of spectacular quality. 

A large number of Saul Greensteins diamonds are supplied with Gemmological Institution of America (GIA) diamond certificates, assuring the client of their quality and authenticity.

Saul Greenstein embodies the tradition of excellence through continual improvement, and excellent customer service. Also ensuring that at every level, the company acts in a manor of ethical, social, and environmental responsibility.